Runner’s Green Pledge

The Vancouver International Marathon Society is known in the community for hosting sustainable events with a high waste diversion rate. We look forward to putting on a green event at this year’s race, but we’ll need your support!

Running a 10KM isn’t always a simple task, and sometimes it can be easy to forget the little things – like recycling. That’s why we’ve created a Runner’s Green Pledge with some key points and information to help remind you of how you can assist in keeping our city one of the greenest!

  • Dispose of goods such as plastic bags, old clothing garments, gels, etc. in proximity of the station on course so that volunteers can sort and recycle appropriate items
  • Throw your used cup as close to station as possible
  • Use the clearly marked recycling stations-not City bins-at the Start and Finish Line
  • Dispose of all recyclable post-race food in recycling stations and all garbage in the green waste stations. Note: juice boxes can be recycled.
  • Travel smart; take advantage of transit, the free bike valet, or carpool with friends and family.